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Most plastics performance held a heated

      Most plastics (000859) on April 11, the first quarter results released that forecast, benefit from food packaging film market two popular production and sales and is expected to net profit in the first quarter of 25 million yuan to 30 million yuan,pvc panel  an increase of 1516% to 1840% and earnings per share of 0.059 yuan to 0.071 yuan. Forecast released on the same day, most plastics at 8.67 yuan high open, once ran high to 9.00 yuan, finally closed at 8.68 yuan, a 5.98%, vigorously by market demand. In fact, according to the released several chemical companies first quarter results forecast, industry generally well profit.
Two popular market benefit packaging film production and marketing
      The company said the main food packaging film market in the first quarter two popular production and sales, the profit increase over the same period, and the same period the previous year small base, the growth to a larger extent. In addition, pvc ceiling the company through the optimization of product structure, continuous implementation of financial efficiency, increase the economic operation quality and performance.
      The company on November 30, 2010 and hefei JinLing rick plastic Co., LTD. Is a sign "asset purchase agreement", acquired its film business related assets, including an annual output of 15000 tons of BOPP plastic film production line and auxiliary equipment, factory buildings, land use right. Analytic personage points out,pvc door  this part of the asset acquisition will greatly enhance the profitability of companies.
      In addition, most plastics wuhu acquisition by rongshida group plastic Co., LTD. Of the 100% stake in recently completed has matters, ceiling panel  wuhu plastic company officially became a wholly owned subsidiary company, and changed its name to wuhu guofeng plastic technology Co., LTD.
      Because plastic film industry into the barrier is not high, in the high degree of prosperity, small manufacturer to enter the industry's power very foot, this will influence formation of the future market. And the securities analysts GuoJing of China petrochemical raw stock certificate report reporters, since this year the price of oil and the price of coal both rose, wall panel a certain degree of petrochemical enterprise cost increased, but the impact is still not reflected in petrochemical industry.
Author:Haining LuoShiNi plastics Co., LTD
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