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Global plastics booming Asian model city bright prospects

      Developed countries increasingly strict requirements of environmental protection, biodegradable plastics have new opportunities. In recent years, along with the people environmental protection consciousness gradually increases, the traditional plastic packaging in the European Union and other developed countries and regions limited application. Italy, for example, disposable plastic bags provisions must be used relegation plastic, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and other countries have set on the tax preferential encouraging pvc panel biodegradable plastics applications. In addition, the European Union in the European Union to within the scope of using traditional banned plastic bags, and increase the biodegradable packaging materials propaganda, will no doubt the biodegradable plastic development to bring new opportunities for development, so as to promote the biodegradable plastics industry developing fast.
      The European commission has announced, are considering in across the eu ban the use of plastic bags, to stop the worsening ecological environment. In addition, from now until August this year, the commission will also through the Internet, will improve the biodegradable packaging materials awareness and strengthen the packing material biodegradability provisions for ordinary public opinion.
Biological plastic refer to the natural materials such as starch based microbes in the generation of plastic. It has the reproducibility, so very environmental protection. Common biological plastic big TV set to support, computer box body, small to small place,pvc ceiling   kitchen garbage bags, biological plastic figure can be found everywhere. International mould and hardware and plastic industry, director of the institute of ROM the supplier Fraser said, as countries promote public policy and strengthening of environmental protection consciousness and technical progress brings the falling cost of biodegradable materials, biological plastic market space is enormous. At the same time on the demand side, although our country plastic consumption of the rapid growth of the stage has passed, but the urbanization and the expansion of domestic demand in the background, the biological plastic huge demand, this will lead to 2011 years the emergence of a more substantial supply and demand gap.
      Biodegradable plastics main target market is packaging film, agricultural plastic films, daily plastic and foam plastics etc. In 2010, plastic packaging film production is about 5.5 million tons, agricultural film production at 1.6 million tons, daily plastic (disposable lunch box and cups, etc) produces about 6.5 million tons, foam packaging needs of about 900000 tons. pvc door  And the whole world plastic film and one-time daily plastic market demand is estimated at 30 million tons. Even if biodegradable plastic can replace 10% of the demand, the size of the market will reach 3 million tons. And the whole world of biodegradable plastics only for 800000 tons of production capacity, well meet the increasing market demand. Therefore, ROM the fai think in the global scope biological plastic market development prospect is considerable.
      The implementation of the "plastic limit to" is beneficial to the development of biodegradable plastics
According to the latest data shows, "plastic limit to" implement for 3 years, the major retail sites plastic shopping bags are cut 24 billion above, accumulative total reduce consumption of 600000 tons of plastic, saving the equivalent of 3.6 million tons of oil, amount to BiaoZhunMei more than 500 metric tons, reduce carbon dioxide emissions more than 1000 tons. ROM. The fai pointed out that, in order to reduce the pollution of the environment with plastic bags, our country in June 1, 2008 implement the "plastic limit to". In recent years due to "plastic limit to" and the implementation of the national plastic bags demand significantly reduced, the traditional domestic production enterprise to bring the larger impact of plastic. The current domestic production related enterprise already part of the plastic will be the focus of development to have environmental protection ceiling panel  and biodegradable characteristics of biological plastic, this to our country biodegradable plastics development very favorable.
      At present biodegradable plastic market is in rapid growth stage, the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries are in developing biodegradable plastics. But in China the biodegradable plastics market as the price, technology and policy reason is still not fully open. wall panel The expected future as key production technology breakthroughs and the state relevant policies push out, biodegradable plastics in China will have larger development potential.
      Plastic limit to launch to plastic businesses both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, plastic limit to the launch of the demand to suppress the plastic bags, that will give the traditional plastic production enterprise development bring pressure; And on the other hand, the plastic limit to launch can make domestic plastic production enterprise to increase technical research and development efforts, and actively developing new products to meet market demand, it will be in a plastic industry long-term development.
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