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"Wood and plastic hot" for the circular economy more power

      Europe and the United States and other developed countries of wood and plastic industry has experienced 20 years of development, headed to the mature period, but the development of the industry of wood and plastic in less than 10 years. Therefore, wood and plastic products in domestic market awareness is low, and many people don DaoMu plastic for what do not know. Decorate in the family in, people's consumption idea is still in a real wood products. In addition, wood and plastic industry still exist straw processing cost is too high. pvc panel Therefore, and foreign markets has been greatly as a "than scene, wood and plastic products in domestic market is not temperature is not fire.
      In previous guangzhou Asian construction, the new large public projects and outdoor engineering use wood and plastic and other environmental protection product ratio is not high. In building materials market, 1 square meters of wood and plastic floor price in 200 ~ 300 yuan, than common real wood floor is much higher. "To be in the market as soon as possible, wood and plastic product substitution log first to do 'since the drop is worth'." pvc ceiling  Shantou hin source wood and plastic technology Co., LTD. YaoZong manager thinks, at present, the domestic wood and plastic product research scattered forces, short of money, the production cost is high, the degree of marketization, lower commercial promotion difficult, cannot batch production, can't form scale effect, led directly to the wood and plastic prices high. At the same time, wood and plastic products in domestic application is still in the primary stage, many enterprises by technology, capital, equipment and marketing ability of many of the restrictions, lead to a single product categories, the production efficiency is low, the production cost is high, quality poor stability. Many products still belongs to the cumbersome, simple low-end materials, lack of market competitiveness.
      In view of the current wood and plastic products in domestic market promotion the difficulties, the industry experts point out that, wood and plastic material has 100% renewable, circulating usefulness, its production technology was also thought to be a vitality of the innovation technology, a broad market prospect and good economic and social benefits,pvc door   to be promoted. In addition, the current wood and plastic materials in domestic have neither the industry standard, no more national standards. To this, the expert points out, to realize speed up the pace of wood and plastic product promotion, and relevant departments should be early to make relevant industry standard, regulating the wood and plastic materials and finished products of the sources of the raw materials, production and sales, support enterprises become the independent technical innovation subject, promote domestic wood and plastic materials the healthy development of the industry. ceiling panel  At the same time, should strengthen wood and plastic consumption propaganda, improve market awareness.
      Circular economy will be the new luminescent spot
      As people on the environment that is the degree of attention resource protection gradually improve to waste materials recovery and comprehensive utilization of resources as the core of the circular economy development mode has become the trend of world economic development. Develop resource recycling technology, the development of national economy and environmental sustainable development an impact. But using the waste plastic and wooden fiber production compound wood products is in line with the trend. In China, wall panel every year to produce a variety of waste plastic and wooden fiber waste substantial number. But because the domestic market in wood and plastic is beginning stage, wood and plastic products in domestic haven't accumulates promotion.
      Therefore, wood and plastic composites and the development of manufactured goods is a huge space. Is expected to recent years in, the domestic compound wood production will be more than one million tons, the value of more than ten billion yuan, and create a new wood and plastic composite products system, wood and plastic industry will become a new spotlight of circular economy.
Author:Haining LuoShiNi plastics Co., LTD
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