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Pursue technique innovation continuously improving peak plastics

      Since its inception in 1993, and specialized in plastic pipe high share of r&d, production and sales, is the production of plastic pipe products of large-scale suppliers. After nearly 20 years of development business, has become the plastic pipe industry series of products, and the scale of production, management brand, layout national "large plastic pipe integrated supplier. The main products of the company for polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), polyethylene (PE), no rules copolymerization polypropylene (PPR) resin series such as pipe fitting, product application fields covers municipal water supply, drainage, sewage, building water supply, water drainage, power cable protection and other fields, production base in zhejiang, Shanghai, shenzhen, guangzhou, tianjin, the majority of provinces and cities nationwide sales.
      2008, 2009, and in 2010 the company of plastic pipe products production respectively for 135100 tons, 153400 tons and 173700 tons; According to the plastic pipe of covariance committee of statistical data estimates, 2008 and in 2009 the company product the domestic market share to 2.94% and 2.64%, respectively, the market share in the industry leader. The company (parent) for 6 years in the plastic products industry ranked among the top tax the top enterprises, of which 2007 ranked 17 th, in the first place of plastic pipe enterprise (2008 years later not ranking).
      The company each variety product specification is complete, diameter covers 16-2400 mm, can satisfy the users in different specifications of products demand. Especially more than 2000 mm in large caliber pipe only a few enterprises can produce. At present the company to market application of some cold, less wide and high quality requirements, use less of the pipe fittings are production. The company existing tube mould more than 5000 sets,pvc panel fitting supporting ability is strong, can not only full meet company pipe supporting demand, and to other fittings production ability weak manufacturers to provide matching. The company has specialized mould r&d center and mold production workshop, mould development ability is strong, can according to the market demand, the design, the production all sorts of mold.
      At present, for ever and ever high shares products sale network cover domestic 28 provinces and areas, with a level 1 independent dealers is home to more than 600, the products are widely used in domestic many key construction project. The brand has set up a file in the ERA domestic market, especially in the eastern regions have a higher awareness and reputation, has the stability and a wide range of customers. In recent years, the company brand has won national inspection-exempted products, China famous brand products and famous Chinese trademark honor, has become the domestic plastic pipe industry famous brand.
      The core competitive advantage ramming industry status
      Since high shares and attach great importance to the innovation of technology and product development, in the research and development team, technical development, product, system design, application technology and has strong strength, and has formed a complete set of perfecting of technological innovation and product research and development management system. The company and subsidiary company in Shanghai are identified for the national high and new technology enterprise. The company existing a provincial high-tech research and development center, and joint zhejiang university, zhejiang university and other universities and research institutions, in new product development design.
      In addition, the company also has a team of experienced, high quality research and development team, involving high polymer materials, mechanical design, water supply and drainage, and other professional, of which two technology research and development backbone for China employed the plastics industry association of plastic pipe expert; The company also employs five domestic famous plastic pipe industry of experts, technical adviser for the company. The company is China plastics processing industry association,pvc ceiling   vice President of units, China plastics processing industry association of plastic pipe professional committee vice-president unit, the zhejiang province chemical building materials association President of units, Shanghai chemical building material industry association director unit, Shanghai pipeline industry association, vice President of units.
      At present, for ever and ever shares have high 57 patents (including invention 3 items); The company for the national plastic products standardization technical committee (TC48 / SC3) plastic pipe, tube and valve core technology committee committee member units points, presided over four countries drafted the standard and a standard of the industry, participate in the drafting the seven national standard and a standard of the industry, has put into production and reserves the development more than 20 new product new technology.
      After years of technical accumulation, the company has a series of technical advantages, such as the independent research and development of nanometer drainage pipe processing method and HDPE large diameter double-wall bellows expansion method of online mouth to increase our core competitiveness of the products.
      Leading technology at the same time, high shares also pay full attention and win-win cooperation with dealers in the distribution of model, so that the company has a strong sales channel and network and formed a dealer, distributors and retailers multi-level and the integration of network system. Most dealers are and the company to maintain the years of the cooperation relations, and the company to grow. By the end of 2010, the company in major cities in China have more than 600 distributors home, covering domestic main provinces and cities.pvc door   In the past two years the amount distribution in 5 million yuan of above dealer nearly 80, mainly concentrated in the east China area. Most dealers have commonly large logistics warehouse, with strong economic strength, at the same time in the local have the deep connections resources. Besides the requirement of the project for product quality qualified outside, the dealer's economic strength and the human resources, the key to success is to ensure that win. At present, the company's most dealers with China vanke, zhonghai real estate keep a good relationship of cooperation, for its place in the areas of real estate project supporting.
      Company sales channel control and implementation of the principle of service simultaneously. In order to manage market order, and fully ensure distributors, distributors and retailers in the interests of the company adopted a variety of control measures management and maintenance of the markets, including requirements distributor shall not distribution company with class, with other types of products, according to the requirements of the guided prices for dealer sales, not cross area to channeling goods distribution, the vendors' participation in market anti-fakes, etc. At the same time the company focuses on sales, logistics, design, construction, training and management of the integrated service function, continuously provide the market with high quality products and services, set up special service hotline, market maintenance department and technical service, for the customer provide thoughtful, careful pre-sale, sale and after-sale one-stop services, such as help dealers large engineering bidding, participate in the customer in time distribution and transport to designated destination, the on-site installation technical guidance, etc.
      Consumption upgrade boosted the product demand
      After years of promotion, plastic pipe material application made good progress, in 2010 China's plastic pipe output reached 8.4 million tons, has become the world's largest plastic pipe production and application of the country.
      In the past five years to see, plastic pipe demand and urbanization rate highly related, as the improving of the urbanization rate, policy on environmental protection value intensified efforts, plastic pipe are still continue to replace the traditional metal, ceiling panel  concrete pipe of the space, will continue to keep faster growth. According to the committee of pipeline prediction covariance plastic, plastic pipe production during the 1025 still is expected to remain at 12% per year-18% of the compound annual growth rate, according to 15% of the composite growth forecast, to 2015 will have an annual capacity of 17 million tons.
      From product structure look, PVC piping system development first, use the most extensive, current production is the largest, accounting for more than 59%; PE and PP tube development later, accounting for more than 29%, 10% respectively. Along with the PE, PP tube raw materials and the localization rate increase the consumption of the product upgrades, in recent years, PE, PP tube relatively fast development, the two growth is expected to more than the industry average, is expected to reach 20%.
In the plastics piping started early, because the industry into the threshold is quite low, and higher profit margins, so into this industry enterprise is numerous, to small and medium enterprises, the competition is fierce. In recent years the push in the market competition, the industry has sprung up a batch of scale, PeiTaoHua across the region, the production and operation of large enterprise group, with annual sales of to the billions in between, including liansu, ginde, wei magnitude enterprise. At present, our country has the certain scale of plastic pipe production enterprise more than 3000 companies, including production capacity of 10000 tons of enterprise more than 300 home, have over 20 enterprise's annual production capacity has more than 100000 tons, market concentration is rising.
Along with the industry overall level of ascent, the enterprise scale, intensive level rising, the market would be phased out behind enterprise, has the channel, brand, scale and capital of the advantages of the enterprise market share is expected to further improve.
      Can foresee, along with high in A shares and shares listed, through the borrows the capital market with capital advantage, the company will further consolidate expand the east China area market share at the same time, to speed up the development of other market.
      Offering products rapidly for project to upgrade
      The company plans to raise funds to huangyan with annual output of 80000 tons and tianjin with annual output of 50000 tons of plastic pipe investment projects. Total of new PVC pipe fitting 60000 tons, PPR pipe fitting 34000 tons, PE pipe fitting 36000 tons. In order not to delay the market investment opportunities, in this to raise funds in place before, the company has first self-raised funds to the above two project construction, in raising money in place, all the project will be expected to 2014 by the end of DaChan overall.
      PVC pipe is being in the market stable period, the product application scope is broad, quantity in first, the future is still building drainage, outdoor drainage sewage and power cable sheath areas of leading tube. The company existing capacity close to capacity, to expand capacity and improving the product series and to upgrade the existing products, wall panel help to ensure that the company in PVC pipe market the industry leader. Because the restrictions by the company, the product series and capacity cannot effectively expansion. Raising capital investment project of after delivery, we will increase municipal engineering with PE pipes and home outfit PPR pipe with the market development efforts.
      The offering investment in huangyan respectively for project and tianjin, and offering more close to the market for project, the project of postpartum is expected to further expand the company in the east, especially outside the east China area such as north, northeast and market share. In 2010, the company's products in east China area accounts for 69.45% sales than, the project of postpartum, sales are expected to account for more than drops to 60% or so. In addition, with plastic piping products consumption upgrade, the company offering the cast also increased gross margin to project high PE, PPR used input. Project of postpartum, company product structure will also be more reasonable, PE pipe, the PPR pipe in the total of from the current 26% than will rise to around 40%, is expected to further enhance the comprehensive gross profit margin.
      Through this to raise funds investment project, the company will further improve in east China, south China, north China production layout and optimize product structure, the promotion product ability. Tianjin offering product series for project covering size caliber pipe material, to meet north China and the bohai economic rim market demands. From huangyan cast project will further improve the production capacity of the company in the east China area, form with huangyan, Shanghai as the center of east China production base, with Shanghai mainly produces large diameter pipe fitting, huangyan main production of small pipe fitting, to meet the needs of east China and the central market. In southern China, the company will still in guangdong and high and shenzhen ever high to rely on, further expand the south China market.
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