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The global rise in the cost of plastics to long-term high-end products

      At present, most Asian countries plastic industry appeared costs continue to rise phenomenon, according to industry press Polymer update survey, high density polyethylene prices across Asia move higher in present situation. And raw materials due to the plan of ethylene cracking unit shutdown and other PE price levels of interest rates ShangZhangLv expected effect, the price is also on the rise. At the same time, in the industry press Polymer update of survey data points out, the HDPE injection and HDPE film is $1405 price level raw material/tonne, in the far east Asia level, in southeast Asia HDPE injection and HDPE film level in us $1410 / plastic price tonne level. And in China's producer price is RMB1300 / tonne-RMB13150 / tonne.
    At the same time, low density polyethylene prices are also higher, according to industry press Polymer update says Asia far east of the price is $1570 LDPE/tonne, and southeast Asia price in $1590 / tonne level. In China's producer price is in RMB1300 / tonne to RMB13150 / tonne between.
      In August 2011, according to industry press Polymer update of buyers and sellers said, in these two kinds of material price under the bullish outlook, pvc panel linear low density polyethylene price also is in go high situation. The past week Asian linear low density polyethylene price go strong, but with demand rising, the plan of the cracking unit closed, the raw material to the surge of ethylene worries about Michael Formosa Lao facilities LLDPE unit accident shutdown, make Taiwan to spot the LLDPE further price increases have made a contribution. Press Polymerupdate related to this industry officials say "recent price rebound too quickly, in our view, the trend of rising next month may slow, because such as China market is buying, and Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia, Muslim countries."
      It is reported, Asian polypropylene (PP) and over price last week, the reason is that the price of raw material propylene consolidation and the availability of tightening area, and still behave in like China, India's major Asian markets also support the higher spot PP in the area of interest rates.
       The rise in the cost of plastics gross margin down long-term high-end products
      In the macro policy drive, the plastic industry this year has basically out of trouble. According to the statistical data information Wind, "all in the class of plastic plate industry this year aggregate net profit of 248.83 million yuan in the first quarter, and the same period last year only 53.4 million yuan.
      Into the second quarter, volatile oil prices, pvc ceiling  to the plastic industry profit margins change variables. Analysts say, oil price influence of single quarter not too good judgment, but with the last year compared to the rise in the cost of raw materials, plastic industry profit margins shall may go down. By June 9,, 18 companies have been 10 plastic industry company revealed the first half performance forecast, putting one home, the four slightly increased.
      The plastic plates net profit for the first half of the year-on-year rises, but growth and quarter will decline. The researchers say, plastic covers range is wider, if don't get bogged down in the industry classification, PVC as raw material plastic product cost is relatively stable, and with PP, PE as raw materials by the plastic products oil price big effect.
      Don't look classification, different industry's future development prospect son is not uniform. National securities, the researchers said in the plastic industry should be looking for technical level is high, wide prospect of downstream of the company, and avoid technology level is low, the entry threshold low, competitive son industry.
      Analysts generally will prefer modified plastics. Modified plastics is plastic products in the industry of the highest value added those products, foreign wire and cable industry special cable special materials and low smoke halogen-free flame retardant materials can be up to 30% of the gross profit margin. Domestic modified plastics enterprise in the initial stage, the development prospect. The personage inside course of study says, in the high-end of the plastic products field, the domestic enterprise's main bottleneck is to keep up with technology level, smaller capacity.
      And modified plastics related listed company,pvc door  blonde, a Pulitzer technology. Pulitzer's modified plastics basic for vehicle. Although the rate of growth of car sales this year will slow, but it will not affect the vehicle modified plastics downstream demand. Car for the modified plastics except the sales growth and pull the lightweight trend of development. 20% of the weight of the foreign auto is modified plastics, while the proportion is 11%. Science and technology is the blonde domestic products, the most complete the biggest producer of modified plastics production enterprises, the company's sales income of about 40% from home appliance, 25% from the car.
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