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Write a new chapter of development plastics

      In recent years, China's real estate market heated up, drive the building materials market of rapid development. The plastic pipe of the building materials market is an important part of, compared with the traditional metal or concrete pipe, have self-respect light resistance, corrosion resistance, high voltage, and energy saving energy, saving metal, long service life, safety convenience etc, thus be used to water supply and drainage, pvc panel electric power communication, agricultural, gas, warm and fire, and other fields. With the development of the economy and the country continues to increase investment in infrastructure construction, the plastic pipe demand growth rate of more than 15%, and the plastic pipe continued good market prospect.
      For high Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as high for shares or company) after nearly 20 years of business and development, from the practice of a small company, develop to become the plastics piping industry among the top of research and production base. The company from selling products to create brand to set standards, realize a qualitative leap.
      For high shares since its inception in 1993, the specialty is engaged in the plastic pipe of research and development, production and sales, is the production of plastic pipe products of large-scale suppliers. The main products for polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), polyethylene (PE), no rules copolymerization polypropylene (PPR) resin series such as pipe fitting. At present the company now owns 7 wholly-owned subsidiary, it is respectively in the Shanghai building materials development Co., LTD and shenzhen high plastics and development Co., LTD, guangdong and high plastics development Co., LTD, tianjin and high plastics development Co., ltd., pvc ceiling  chongqing high plastics and development Co., LTD, zhejiang jinnuo copper Co., LTD and taizhou huangyan fine jie plastics development Co., LTD. Nowadays, the company has become China chemical building material research and development leading manufacture enterprise.
      For a good harvest high, innovation "rich fruits
      After nearly 20 years' development management, the company has become the plastic pipe industry series of products, and the scale of production, management brand, layout national "large plastic pipe integrated supplier. The company has PVC-U, PPR, PE and PVC-C four major categories, total over 500 different specifications of pipes, and more than 3000 kinds of different specifications of pipe fitting product, is our country plastic pipe industry types and specifications of products in the most complete of plastic pipe manufacturing enterprise one of the; The products of the company application fields covers municipal water supply, drainage, sewage, pvc door  building water supply, water drainage, power cable protection, etc. The present production base in zhejiang, distribution in Shanghai, shenzhen, guangzhou, tianjin, the majority of provinces and cities nationwide sales.
      Since the company was established, efforts to implement the progress of science and technology strategy and brand strategy, insists on quality first, the user is supreme, the good faith for this policy, innovative technology, innovative products, sustained, rapid and sound development of the enterprise. The company produces the brand product successively obtains the ministry of construction achievements in science and technology, key popularized project, countries well-off house construction recommend products, rigid PVC water supply and drainage pipe fitting the national promotion supporting center, zhejiang famous brand product, Shanghai famous brand product, zhejiang export brand and Chinese famous brand product and so on the title. In 2010 the trademark ERA state administration for industry and commerce is the trademark review and adjudication board recognized as a well-known trademark. Enterprise through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification. The company is recognized for high and national key high-tech enterprise. ceiling panel  At present, the company product sales network covering domestic 28 provinces and regions, especially in east China economy developed provinces and cities, and has high market share and brand awareness. In the international market, our products have exported to Europe and America, Middle East, Africa and southeast Asia in more than 80 countries (regions).
      The products of the company by virtue of high performance has become the mainstream market engineering products, which are widely used in such as Shanghai F1 circuit, Shanghai pudong international airport, the Shanghai world expo park, Beijing Olympic venues and nanjing Olympic sports center infrastructure, such as housing and the national key infrastructure projects.
      The company is China plastics processing industry association, vice President of units and association subordinate plastic piping professional committee vice-president unit, is the national plastic products standardization technical committee (TC48 / SC3) plastic pipe, tube and valve core technology committee committee member units points. The company has 57 patents (including 3 items, practical new invention 37 item, appearance design of 17); The company has drafted the host four national standard and a standard of the industry, participate in the drafting the seven national standard and a standard of the industry, has put into production and reserves the development more than 20 new product new technology. For six years and high shares in the plastic products industry ranked among the top tax the top enterprises, of which 2007 ranked in the plastic products industry 17 th, in the first place of plastic pipe enterprise.
      According to the company's prospectus in shows that the public to raise funds will invest huangyan with annual output of 80000 tons and tianjin with annual output of 50000 tons of plastic pipe investment projects. Offering projects up to vote total output new postpartum 130000 tons, of which total new PVC pipe fitting 60000 tons, PPR pipe fitting 34000 tons, PE pipe fitting 36000 tons. Visible, as for offering project thrusting product structure adjustment and profitability enhanced, and the prospects of the development of high shares 10 hair is wide.
      Multiple advantages achievements in industry a country
      The market demand advantage: our country is the implementation of the urbanization development strategy, the next 40 years the proportion of Chinese urban residents will be raised by 75% each year more than 1000 people into the town, and speed up the process of urbanization, will drive the construction of urban infrastructure development, and will promote the railway, highway and water, gas and heat supply infrastructure construction and real estate market, which will push plastic pipe in building water supply, water drainage, municipal water supply, drainage, sewage, outdoor wire cable sheath fields of application growth; Compared with the developed countries, China is currently in the municipal utility facilities but also is relatively backward, many cities ShuiDianQi pipe network system needs to be new and replacement. Along with the further promotion of the modernization, the future urban underground pipe will digital, intensive, urban water supply, gas supply, heat supply, drainage, sewage, fiber optic cable will all through the city underground pipe system transmission; At the same time with the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, a lot of old building should reform and update; In countries such as energy-saving, environmental protection policy, under the guidance of the excavation, waste landfill cages, wall panel breeding, floor heating, the solar energy utilization, the ground source heat pump air conditioning, drainage on the siphon drainage, a large number of new technology to get a promotion, broaden the plastic pipe in the wide application of new fields. The future within a period of time, plastic pipe industry development has great market space.
      Brand advantage: after nearly 20 years of market development and cultivate, ERA the brand has set up a file in the domestic market enjoys high recognition and reputation, has the stable and extensive customer base, especially in the east China area is more significant brand effect, ERA the brand has become the regional project in the market construction unit designated one of main brand. The company and the idea of the advance of science and technology of innovation will improve the quality of the products of the company, increase the market competitive power.
      Stable marketing network and regional scale advantage: at present, the company has a strong sales channel and network and formed a dealer, distributors and retailers multi-level and the integration of network system, and more than 600 dealer covering domestic main provinces and cities. The future of the company will further strengthen marketing network construction, this will be the future digestive capacity, expand the cornerstone of earnings.
      The company in order to further international development trend with, established long-term strategic development target: continue to plastic piping as its main business, and further promote the company's production and sales of the national layout, strive to become a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the modern large international competitive enterprise.
Author:Haining LuoShiNi plastics Co., LTD
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