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For excellent quality for climbing plastics peak

      The original predecessor for huangyan ever high plastic products Co., LTD, established in 1993. The company since its inception, has been engaged in plastic pipe of research and development, production and sales, is the production of plastic pipe products of large-scale suppliers, the main products of polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U), polyethylene (PE), no rules copolymerization polypropylene (PPR) resin series such as pipe fitting, the market share in the industry leader.
      After nearly 20 years of development business, the company has become the plastic pipe industry series of products, and the scale of production, management brand, layout national "large plastic pipe integrated supplier. The products of the company application fields covers municipal water supply, drainage, sewage, building water supply, water drainage, power cable protection, water conservancy construction, urban sewage treatment, the city water-logging management, rural drinking drainage and irrigation, etc. The present production base in zhejiang, Shanghai, the distribution of shenzhen, guangzhou, tianjin, chongqing, sales of the majority of provinces and cities nationwide.
To develop innovation and beyond
      For high shares is always attaching great importance to the technical innovation and product development, in the research and development team, technical development, product, system design, application technology and has strong strength, and has formed a complete set of perfecting of technological innovation and product research and development management system. The company and subsidiary company in Shanghai are identified for the national high and new technology enterprise. The company existing a provincial high-tech research and development center, and joint zhejiang university, zhejiang university and other universities and research institutions, in new product development design. The company has a team of experienced, high quality research and development team, involving high polymer materials, pvc ceiling  mechanical design, water supply and drainage, and other professional and two of them are employed for China backbone technology research and development plastics industry association of plastic pipe experts. In addition, the company also hired five domestic famous plastic pipe industry of experts, technical adviser for the company. The company is China plastics processing industry association, vice President of units, China plastics processing industry association of plastic pipe professional committee vice-president unit, the zhejiang province chemical building materials association President of units, Shanghai chemical building material industry association director unit, Shanghai pipeline industry association, vice President of units. The company has 57 patents (including 3 items, practical new invention 37 item, appearance design of 17), for the whole nation the plastic products standardization technical committee (TC48 / SC3) plastic pipe, tube and valve core technology committee committee member units points, presided over four countries drafted the standard and a standard of the industry, participate in the drafting the seven national standard and a standard of the industry, has put into production and reserves the development more than 20 new product new technology.
      The company independent research and development of nanometer drainage pipe processing method and HDPE large diameter double-wall bellows expansion method and so on all online mouth greatly improve the products of the company's core competitiveness.
In order to design ability to win customers
      The company planning department have a special product design personnel, could design the shapes and colors of creative products, to meet the requirements of different customers, especially those in the Middle East and Europe and the customer. The company mould centre have a special design personnel, can design, production meet national standard, oubiao, imperial, such as securing various countries and regions of the mold.
      At present, the company has can produce oubiao, imperial and the American of the different standards such as export products, high value-added products. In 2009 the company product export income for 21.35 million us dollars,pvc door   accounting for the domestic product export income plastic pipe of 2.47%; In 2010 the company product export income for 28.2333 million us dollars, accounting for 10.59% of total income in the same period, a 32.24% increase from the same period a year earlier, at present the product export mainly pipe fittings mainly.
Product quality and brand
      For high quality for this always adhere to the shares, we create value for the customer the idea, rely on nearly 20 years of plastic pipe production experience, high-quality chemical building material professional and skillful production workers, advanced equipment, high quality raw materials, unique formula, 6 S fine management mode, and the advanced product inspection detection method, in strict accordance with the national standards organization of production, from technology, manufacturing and management to ensure the quality of the products. At present, the company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certificate and ISO14001 environmental management system certification. In addition, the company has ERA is the brand has set up a file in the domestic market enjoys high recognition and reputation, ceiling panel has the stable and extensive customer base, as the plastic pipe industry of the famous brand. Especially in the economic developed the east China area is more significant brand effect, ERA the brand has become the regional project in the market construction unit designated one of main brand.
      The production of plastic pipe series products with good properties become domestic engineering the mainstream market products, which are widely used in infrastructure, housing and national key infrastructure projects, such as the F1 Shanghai circuit, Shanghai pudong international airport, the Shanghai world expo park, Beijing Olympic venues, nanjing Olympic sports center project.
      For high shares adhering to the continuous innovation, and the spirit of climbing high, with the aid of the capital market platform, the company will further accelerate the development step, increase the technical reform efforts, improve the ability of independent innovation, and actively developing new plastic piping products, to promote technological progress and industrial upgrading, and implement go out strategy, and actively participate in the international competition, the company to fight a first-class plastic piping integrated supplier.
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